What's new?
We now making Crinkle Sleep Sacks and Half Tunnels.  The
Sleep Sacks are huge and perfect for a Big Business :)  The Half
Tunnels are great for inside the cage!
A little about the tunnels...
I make the tunnels out of fleece, fabric, ribbon, and recycled
grocery bags
. So not only are the ferrets having a blast but I am
helping find a use for the bags besides the dump.

If there is a color combination you do not see but
would like please contact me and let me know.  I will
see what I have and we can talk more about it!!!
Crinkle Tunnels by Staci
The Beginning...
Please see us at
The F
erret 500!!!
June 4, 2016
at The Marion
Fairgrounds in

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Crinkle Tunnels by Staci