"Tipsy is not an easy ferret to please. She doesn't like most toys, but she does love her crinkle
tunnel from Staci. It's one of the few things she'll actually play with. I love that I've
found something that will capture her attention. I also love how well-made it is."
Carrie V. - NJ

"I have known Staci for a number of years & she over the years, has sent things to my shelter
kids.  When she first started the crinkle sacks, she sent a few to me. My crew was in love with
them as soon as they hit the floor!!!! I'd find as many as 12 in just one!!!!  They are well
made,very safe for the fuzzbutts, stand up to many ferrets playing in them, and launder well,
I've had one here for 3 years & it's still going well. I simply can't say enough good things on
these crinkle tubes."
Sandi R. - AL

"Staci's tunnels are excellent ferret traps.  I don't have to search far at bedtime for my 4
kids--all I have to do is check the tunnels--major time saver.  Their favorite tunnel is behind
the couch and I've had no accidents since placing a tunnel there!  You can tell they are made
with love and care and I look forward to adding a few more to my ferrety stash.  Thanks
Staci!"  Valerie M.--Chicago
Crinkle Tunnels by Staci